The Shilp Group understands that its work will touch, change, and ameliorate lives.Our projects house people’s ambitions and the moments of magic they share with their loved ones. The only way they would give us the opportunity to shape such a huge part of their life, is if they trust us. And since the very first moment of our inception, we have worked to deliver each project on time for possession. The Shilp Group team believes nothing should stand between you and the life you dream to live; not even a project delay.

Investing in Localities of Today that Will Define the Geographies of Tomorrow
The Shilp Group has been the pioneer in locating areas which are now becoming the crown-jewel of the city. We were the first team to launch a major project on the landscape of Sindhu Bhawan Road. And today, as the area has become the shine and sheen for the city’s successful, the most revered projects in the area bear the Shilp emblem.

We Walk Together, We Grow Together
Our journey till here has been a result of the collective growth that came at the behest of countless hours spent by our team, associates, and customers in shaping better projects. That is why the Shilp family keeps growing in terms of square footage, number of projects and team sizes – every year. Our designs stand as modern and enlightened structuresthat show what can be achieved, when a group of passionate, persistent and purpose-driven people goes to work. Our lucidly designed logo stands to communicatethese very values

Project Ownership to Make the India of Tomorrow
We are proud to be a part of India’s growth story. With our ears to the ground and eyes to the sky, we are building a tomorrow that rides the wave of innovation, but rests on the foundation of experience and persistence. We go beyond the call of the dotted line and take absolute ownership of everything we do. That is what is sets us apart – we own every process and engineer every moment of delight that comes with our projects.